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Firefox though has the added security of a primary password that keeps all the saved logins and passwords under an additional set of lock and key. If you have a Firefox account, you can manually send an open tab on your desktop to your mobile device or vice versa.

(In fact, a recent update looked to bolster Brave’s syncing features.) As a standalone option, though, there’s little to recommend Brave over the other best Android browsers. Puffin Web Browser is focused on speed and security, sending encrypted data to its data centers in the U.S. Opera is another mobile browser with a desktop counterpart that boasts all the benefits that come with that for users of both versions. Opera differentiates itself with a data-saver mode that compresses videos as well as standard web pages. As a result, pages load faster thanks to the reduced data, and if you don’t have one of the best unlimited data plans, you won’t burn through your monthly data allotment as quickly.

Brave is a web browser whose main focus is privacy and security. By default, this browser blocks advertising, cookies, phishing, malware, and it offers advanced options to enable HTTPS everywhere as well as, preventing browser fingerprints. If you’re very concerned about security, then this is the browser for you. What distinguishes Brave from other web browsers is its cryptocurrency, the basic attention token .

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  • It’s now possible to use plug-ins to fine-tune IE, Firefox and Chrome for privacy and security.
  • However, some individuals believe that true security comes from having a browser that places its main focus on security and doesn’t offer extra features.
  • Unsavory folks on the internet can gain unwarranted access to your private information while browsing and may end up using it to commit frauds.
  • So while many would agree when we say that Google Chrome is the ‘best’ web browser, there’s nothing stopping you from using five or six different browsers.

The Brave browser has a built-in software wallet for storing BAT tokens that you can use to financially support web owners or online creators when viewing their content. An acronym for "The Onion Router"; TOR is a browser that offers many layers of encryption to keep users safer. It is not the most popular but probably has the highest level of security because it uses a three-layer proxy.

With Chrome, it’s done automatically if you’ve chosen that setting in rocketdock com your preferences. Not having to manually send the tab from one device to the other is convenient when you want to do something like continue reading an article you didn’t finish earlier. But there could be times where automatic syncing might not be ideal if there’s a chance multiple users are browsing while signed in to your Google account. For example, the latest version of Firefox includes a feature called Enhanced Tracking Protection which is turned on by default for all users worldwide. ETP blocks over 2,000 trackers, including social trackers from companies like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

It also has an integrated feature called Firefox Monitor that automatically notifies you if your password has been breached or needs to be updated. In addition to these protections, Private Browsing mode in Firefox automatically deletes your browsing information such as history and cookies, leaving no trace after you finish your session. You’ll also want to consider privacy and ad-blocking features when deciding between the best Android browsers. Many of the mainstream browsers offer some form of those features, but for an extra layer of privacy, you may want to turn to a browser that specializes in keeping your online activity safe from prying eyes. If you use the Brave desktop browser, you’ll no doubt enjoy the Android version as well as it will sync over your content and carries over your Brave Rewards.

Even if Google has the best data security in the world, as the 2009 Google Docs leak showed, no system is perfect. Taking a proactive approach to privacy is the best way to combat any potential threats. Yet with the growing number of incursions into our personal data, Firefox may prove to be the right choice in the long run for those of us who value protecting our personal privacy online. Both Chrome and Firefox also allow you to sync things like passwords, bookmarks, and open tabs across all your devices.

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As good as Chrome is, there’s a number of browsing alternatives, each with their own strengths. Whether you want a browser that mirrors what you use on your desktop or you need something that puts an emphasis on privacy, there’s a browser waiting for you in the Google Play Store that can fit your tastes. Here are the best Android browsers we’ve tested for different browsing needs.